Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another big fat show-off garden

I’m not quite as enamored with the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens as I was last year; the annuals I bought from them this year were a bit inconsistent, and the canna were not the same cultivar (as I had been told) so they clashed. A bit. Not a biggie.

Nonetheless, I always enjoy visiting the Gardens as the season is waning, because they always manage a rather magnificent display in their perennial gardens and front annual beds. I am hoping to try my luck next summer with the fabulous castor bean, shown here:

And the BG always reaffirms my faith in verbena boniarensis, a sure-fire butterfly magnet.

The Gardens—Lord and Burnham, 1901, part of Olmsted’s plan for South Park—are undergoing some kind of never-ending renovation. There is a grand master plan that, I believe, will span the globe, displaying examples of botanical environments at various checkpoints along the way. So far, the Palm Dome and one side dome have been completely rebuilt and the third is almost done. It is taking a very long time, but there are always wonderful plants to visit, no matter what construction may be happening.

They even have finally got this thing going—kind of a huge (30-feet, I’m guessing) tiki waterfall:

It had been dormant for years; apparently the plumbing is very complex.


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

I`d love to go to some Botanical Gardens sometime. I looked ours up here and it doesn`t seem to show much of anything on the web other than an ultra modern bulding and fairly empty rooms.


EAL said...

There are less than a dozen Victorian-era conservatories in the U.S. and only two have the tri-dome design (Buffalo and Brooklyn). They are modeled after the Kew gardens in London.

lisa said...

I like castor bean plants, too. Only one caveat-the beans are quite poisonous, and in some areas of the country, teens will chew on them to hallucinate, often resulting in death....just an f.y.i.