Sunday, September 03, 2006

GWI 2006: highlights



My property does not lend itself well to big picture shots. (Well, my camera does not lend itself too well either.) The garden winds around the house, disappearing into corners and there are many discrete sections. So, mainly for my own edification, I put together twenty-five or so different shots that show the progression of growth and blooms over this year’s season. It’s in the top Flickr badge in the sidebar. Yeah, not a big fan of Flickr, but twenty-five images in a blog post can get rather cumbersome. So there it is for anyone to check out—or not. Clicking on the images seems to work best, as I mangled the code a bit.

The one back plot that I can document as a whole is shown above. The vines might be a tad out of control.

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Kasmira said...

Love the photos!