Sunday, July 29, 2007

And the winner is …

Without question and hands-down, the henryi species lily was the plant of the day. It was so flooded with "what's that one?" that if plants have psychologies, it would have been in serious identity crisis.

I also received many inquiries on a scaevola I picked up as a fill-in, and, so gratifying, lots and lots of compliments on the back sculpture, which in the past has creeped out a few gardeners. Not this year; I think the crowd is getting more … open. To challenging art, that is.

This year, I was out with the Ranters for much of the time and not in my garden. I loved seeing the other gardens. I hated not being in mine. This is always a dilemma, and one I have in common with many of the GW gardeners. But I was thrilled to see some of the very best gardens for the first time in over six years. Watch Garden Rant tomorrow for some truly awesome planting and pond shots.


Annie in Austin said...

So orange won over purple? I remember the Persian Shield being the 'what's that' plant of 2006.

Six years is a long time to stay home and not see the other gardens, EAL - what a difficult decision it must be for people whose gardens are always on tour.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

EAL said...

Well, there were almost as many questions about the pink hydrangeas--their many blooms and how that happens.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

That henryi is a very striking lily! You brought up a good point. I never thought about how the gardeners who show off their spaces don't get to see others' gardens. That hardly seems fair.

LostRoses said...

Tough decision, Elizabeth! I'd have been very conflicted about that too, but I'm glad you got to see other gardens in person for a change.

Looking forward to the photos!

Wayne Stratz said...

Hey Elizabeth

glad you were in the garden when I stopped by on Saturday. by evening we were toast and headed back to our room, thanks for the invitation. It was truly cool to witness masses of people interested in seeing gardens.

Wayne, back at work in PA