Friday, July 27, 2007

Last minute stuff

$52 is not bad at all; I've spent much more than that in the days leading up to Garden Walk. I think I must be distracted with the Ranters coming in and all. Oh, well, I am taking Susan to Lockwood's today, so I'll probably up the ante.

Most of the lilies will be bloomed out by early next week, but there are enough. The main thing though is that it's raining—and may tomorrow as well. Can't do anything about it. I stopped at an unfamiliar nursery that I had heard good things about and found a gorgeous anemone and a hellebore that will fill out the new shade planting, as well as a couple of amaranth relatives that will add some pizzazz to the front container. Allentown is hopping; there is a big performance festival going on everywhere, so I think it'll be a fun weekend, occasional rain notwithstanding.

Our street has been on TV during the weather broadcast: here's a link to it: North Pearl Gardens. And here's a link to an interview with fellow Ranter Amy Stewart that was on one of our local public radio stations. Finally, though I'll be putting up a bunch of pictures from this year's walk, we have hundreds up from last year on the Garden Walk website.

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Carol said...

It all sounds like great fun, the last minute preparations before the big day! Maybe I should have given more serious consideration to going to Garden Walk?!