Friday, July 13, 2007

Lilies run amok

Cheryl and I thought we had it all figured out. Martagons and Asiatics in June, trumpets in early July, orienpets in mid-July, and orientals in later July, with speciosum rubum finishing up.

It's not working. I have Asiatics, trumpets, orienpets, and orientals all blooming at once, and so does Cheryl (shown at top). What's wrong with that? Well, we'd like to be able to enjoy lilies all summer, and I'm not totally sure that will happen. The rubrum in my yard are still small, thank goodness, and it looks like I will have some henryi and a few orientals for Garden Walk.

I would like everything to slow down. We had a very hot, sunny May and this is the result. As always, summer's going way too fast; the lilies provide graphic visual evidence.

Other images: yellow trumpets with ferns/hosta and Silk Road from the GWI garden.


kate said...

Your lilies are beautiful, but I know what you mean when you want them to slow down and bloom when they are supposed to. I've noticed that with some of my plants that normally don't get started blooming for a few more weeks. Suddenly they are out and I'm wondering ... what will be left to bloom next month?

LostRoses said...

Nice problem to have, Elizabeth! I know you want some for Garden Walk, but what a gorgeous display of runaway blooming!

Max said...

My "orientals" just started budding out maybe 2 weeks ago, so I'm pretty sure they'll bloom the one week I'm out of town this year. Just like last year... but a week later -- ah, that was the point.