Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bloom Day—are you kidding?

Seriously, the place is a hellhole. Roof grit and dust everywhere, plywood everywhere, 2 x4s everywhere, ladders everywhere, tarp everywhere. I could go on but won’t depress you. Nonetheless, I went out there with my camera—one thing, it’s quite warm, mid-50s—and got a few snappies. Most are over at Garden Rant (or will be as of 11/15), but at top you see what I suppose should be the last rose of summer (David Austin, Charlotte), though never say never. I also am getting some nice action from my houseplants. Cyclamens seem to be foolproof rebloomers; I’ve had one pink one for nine years. This is a newer red one. Lots of growth on the paperwhites—maybe I'll have some for next GBBD.


Pam/Digging said...

I didn't guess that you'd still have a rose blooming, and a gorgeous one at that. She's defying those roofers!

Annie in Austin said...

'Charlotte' by David Austin? It's very lovely, EAL - more packed with petals than Graham Thomas but the colors look similar.

The whole idea of construction scares me, but almost everyone has to put up with it sooner or later. I hope your garden recovers!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carol said...

That rose is impressive to find still blooming in Buffalo. Shouldn't you have snow by now?

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Heh... I was going to say what Annie said about the color being similar to 'Graham Thomas' but it having more petals. :) Does it have a nice scent, too? 'GT' always reminds me of margaritas without the tequila somehow.

EAL said...

It is a descendent of Graham Thomas--it has a nice, fresh scent. Almost thornless. Not such a strong grower.

I also have Abraham Darby, which is much more heavily scented.

lisa said...

I feel your pain with the roofers, mine was a few years ago and I still remember it UN-fondly! It made me swear off construction until I can just GUT the place, moving plants out of harm's way first! That rose is gorgeous for being "not such a strong grower"...must be the gardener! :)