Sunday, November 18, 2007

Inside, outside, and in cyberspace

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Let’s start with the (not so) bad. I’ve been finishing up bulb planting—some triumphs in the front, some lilies, more species tulips, and small bulbs here and there—so I’ve had an opportunity to view the roofing damage, thus far. They had to remove the trellis/arch that supports the mock orange, so it looks as though they cut away what had been supported. Or maybe it just broke away. So now it’s tall and upright rather than gracefully arching. This might be fine; I suspect that plant has needed a good hacking for a while. Several beds seem to have been stripped of all plant life. I think what happened is that when they cleaned up the debris, they dragged the above-ground plant life away with it. Unless uprooted, I expect most of this to return. I think I may have lost some hardy geranium (big deal).

When I mentioned the roof work on Garden Rant, there were suggestions involving wheel barrows on the roof dumping into truck beds, etc. None of that would be possible here. They did slide the stuff down plywood, but directed disposal is not so easy with a very steep roof and no space between buildings. Anyway, I’m looking at all this as an opportunity, depending on what I see in the spring. Around here, we're used to the frequent roof work that cold weather and old housing stock involves and we're also used to dealing with the damage.

Inside, we’ve painted the ever-progressing plant room (as you see above), and I’ve purchased some plant stands from Gardeners Supply (not seen). I just need the lights and some humidity trays.

Finally, I just got an email from a Garden Walk buddy, who’s started a cool garden travel blog, in which he shares his photos of all the gardens he’s visited during his frequent globe-trotting. This is pure garden porn you won’t want to miss.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good luck with your garden clean up and make over if needed.

THanks for the travel blog tip.

kate said...

Ugh roof work ... I live in an old house and can relate. At least my roof isn't so steep.

Your plant room is looking great. The floor turned out beautifully. I love it!

Hopefully the roof work will soon seem like a distant memory and before you know it, your bulbs will be in bloom. Oh right, there's still Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day to get through first.