Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bulb check

Posting will be a bit light as we get into the winter months; I tend to use this blog to chronicle my own garden, and, as joyful as the four seasons are and all that, the fact is, the garden is not terribly … active. At the moment, that is.

Nonetheless, there’s plenty happening inside, both with the flowering houseplants and the bulbs chilling in the root cellar. I went down today to do a quick 5-week check. As usual with the hyacinths, the root development happens very quickly, though little can be seen, bud-wise. The hyacinths in dirt tend to be a bit more forward. I was worried because it got real cold, real fast here—in the 20s most days, which is not normal for December. But what’s normal weatherwise these days?

At the office, in addition to my obnoxious Christmas decorations (I like things that light up or make noise unexpectedly), I have some of my more advanced paperwhites: this is Inbal. I like to use colored glass as well as natural-looking rocks. A friend of mine uses aquarium gravel, but I haven't tried that yet.


Layanee at 'Ledge and Gardens' said...

Love your colored glass forcing vases and the colored pebbles! Secondary only to your bulbs, of course! I am looking forward to your 'shrubcoat' review! The Rhodies here this morning are curled into tight little cylinders as my thermometer reads 14.6 F!

Carol said...

I gotta ask... are you chilling those bulbs on the vases or are they at room temperature now? My hyacinth bulbs are still in the back of the refrigerator. I'll bring them out after Christmas and set them on the vases, and they should be blooming in February. When do you expect yours to bloom?

EAL said...

They are in the root cellar, chilling. I bring them in around Christmas.

EAL said...

Oh yeah, February, too.