Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Plant room on hold

Sort of. Things are at a bit of an impasse with the project (top), as lights still need to be purchased and installed in some attractive manner, and I’d like to have some hanging basket hooks put into the ceiling. Soon, however, a whole mess of hyacinth glasses and pots will be coming up here. Fortunately they won’t need special lights.

One thing I do think about is what will happen when summer comes and many of these plants are outside. I’ll have to load up on cactus and orchids, which I won’t have room for in the garden. There must be some sort of indoor summer gardening project I could take up.

In any case, I can live with this until I figure the rest out. Better than it was (above), anyway!


Carol said...

I've just posted that I'm going to redecorate my plant/sun room right after Christmas. I don't need lights, but I do need to choose a color!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are looking very neat and tidy. That is a start.

Layanee at 'Ledge and Gardens' said...

A very inviting room for both people and plants! Summer indoor gardening project? Is that contradictory? Sounds like a challenge!

kate said...

It looks wonderful! The difference is huge. I like the way the light filters through the windows. I'm envious.