Thursday, December 20, 2007

Floral drinking

No, Perrier-Jouet did not drop off some samples. But I was pleasantly surprised to find this lovely gift set decently priced at around $30 (normally, the P-J runs upwards of $40 for the juice alone, never mind the pretty glasses). What a great gift! For me! And maybe others.

Also today, I was reading a local wine column in which the writer points out that champagne is far preferable for the kind of casual occasion where you might be having a beer. Beer can be very filling, whereas champagne is light in comparison. You can drink tons and never feel it. Perhaps a bit the next day.

So now we move into the “intoxicated” part of our program. No gardening going on at the moment, just parties, sitting in front of the fire, putting up lights, all that cool holiday stuff I actually love.

I'll try to have some decent holiday lighting images up soon. Cheers!


kate said...

I hope you put up some pictures soon. The champagne looks great as does the packaging. I love the cutwork.

Happy holidays to you!

Susan Harris said...

This is a test, whether Blogger's really fixed it.

susan harris said...

Yes, it works!

Layanee said...

Merry Christmas and I will also be drinking champagne! Love it! Let's have a toast!

EAL said...

You're on!