Sunday, January 27, 2008

But is it art?

We hope it will be. My friend Cheryl and I are planning an amusing installation featuring projected video and live plants we’ll call “The Secret Sex Life of Plants.” We’re making it for a fundraiser that will benefit Squeaky Wheel, a local media arts center. I’ve been doing searches and there is some great royalty-free footage of pollination you can buy from shutterstock (shown above), as well as educational animations and the like from a variety of sources. The event, called Peepshow, is a party with other installations, screenings, drinking, music, and dancing, so we’ll need to make something that can be appreciated within a minute or so.

I have the ulterior motive of moving whatever potted plants we have to buy for the installation into my plant room afterwards. There may also be some educational handouts about the importance of providing habitat for bees and using native plants. Though I imagine many of the attendees will be apartment dwellers, with gardening one of their lowest priorities. Still, for a February party, a nice fragrant room filled with color and plants may be quite welcome.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good luck with your project.

kate said...

It sounds like a great plan. The installation will be fun and the plants will be an added bonus.

Ah, Sicily and Austin!

Jill Snapp said...

Hi. I am an artist who will be moving your way. Hopefully in my snooping will hit the Albright Knox Museum! Jill Snapp