Saturday, January 05, 2008

Finally—I finished the bulbs

This must have been the longest bulb-planting season yet. Today I potted the last of my paperwhites: 4 Grand Soleil d’Or and 4 Golden Rain (a double mutation of GSdO), and 2 pots of tulips that I had kept forgetting about (they will be taken outside in April). Everything was nicely sprouted so I’m optimistic. The potted hyacinths are ready to come upstairs; there are still so many, as I felt they were not ready to give as holiday gifts.

On to the next thing. The Bluestone and Select Seeds catalogs are in hand; Plant Delights is on the way. I also need to think about some interesting indoor plants to replace the ones that will go outside. Between the printed catalogs and subsequent Internet ordering, this will last weeks, especially since I always over order and have to winnow the list down to a financially realistic total. It still adds up to a hideous amount.

Other off-season rituals: visits to the Botanical Gardens to see the orchid and hippeastrum shows (as well as just sit with the flowers). Then come the garden shows. This year, I have big plans to visit the Toronto show. I’ve heard good things about it. I must say, it seems a lot snazzier (see above) than the Buffalo one. But in other ways, it seems quite similar (see below).


Carol said...

I'm getting my hyacinth bulbs out of the refrigerator today and setting them on their vases. I should have blooms toward those desparate days at the end of February when winter seems too long, again.

Don't remind me that the garden show season is just around the corner! Ours locally is 'so-so', quite commercial. Half of it looks like a garage sale with all the non-gardening related vendors.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

EAL said...

Carol, I think the garden shows in bigger cities are more sophisticated, but I also think flower shows--as opposed to garden shows--are more fun.

chuck b. said...

The Flower and Garden Show websites have blogs this year. Some of them are up and running. Have you checked 'em out yet? I hope you will and post about it at GR. (Just because I'm curious, but will be too lazy to suss it all out myself.)

jodi said...

You did have a long planting season for bulbs, Elizabeth; you beat me in that I finished mine--outdoors, chiselling away frozen ground in some spots--on Christmas Eve during a thaw. Most of those that needed planting were of the small varieties (snowdrops, iris reticulata, crocus and species tulips) but also some large tulips and alliums. Yeesh!
I'll be really interested to see how you respond to Canada Blooms. I went three years ago, and while it was interesting in some ways, I have no great desire to go back. The commercial aspects were just that--commercial, although the good part was that I got a pair of West County gloves that I still use, and recommend to everyone I know--and it WAS the first time I saw the Meadowbright echinaceas grown for real, not just in photos. But the design displays for landscaping just reminded me of the sorts of things you see at fashion shows: really out there, avant garde, trendsetting or whatever, but not something 99 44/100 percent of us would want in our yards. Fun to visit once, but I'd sooner return to the outdoor, multiple weeks display of International Flora Montreal.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Wow... snazzy indeed. But those gloved hands look familiar from our Cleveland Home & Garden show--although I don't see any of the "As Seen on TV" booths there that we have to wade through at ours.

Layanee said...

Great shot of the tulip bed! Black light blue! Love it!