Thursday, January 31, 2008

Going mono,maybe

I was reading Layanee’s post about color combinations and it made me think about how a bit of planning now could make me a lot happier about my own color mixes comes summer. There are certain things I can’t do much about in the perennial beds, but containers are the perfect blank canvas for this sort of thing.

Last year I had red bedder nicotiana and strobilanthes (Persian Shield) in a couple containers: deep red and purple. That looked OK, and I might repeat it.

The other cool combo (temp-wise) I like is white and purple, as with these silvery white petunias and the blue ageratum, though they aren’t combined as they should be here.

But it might be interesting to do some monochromatic schemes in the containers. I would use different shades of the same color as they appear in different plants. That’s the great thing about annuals; it doesn’t really matter how common they are: white impatiens massed against green-foliaged shrubs can look great. I’ve even seen celosia (an annual I really don’t care for much) look fantastic at the Botanical Gardens, when planted out like this:

Sometimes it doesn't even matter what the flowers are (again from the Gardens):

I’m straying from the point. Which is. Every summer I buy several flats of annuals from various places and add to that the ones my friend the seed king gives me. But then I stuff them into containers with very little though for color combinations, usually just going for violent clashes. This year I think I’ll try some semi-monos. Shades of orange, anyone? Or shades of red might be better. Or no, shades of yellow. Is there yellow coleus? There must be. OK, close enough:


kate said...

I wish I spent more time planning colour and flower combinations, but I rarely do. Layanee's post was good for pointing out the mono feature - I just need to remember the texture bit.

I like the Nicotiana with the Persian Shield. That was a good combination.

Most of the time I end up with random combinations that are either a brilliant success or a dismal failure.

Layanee said...

Eliz: This sounds like a fun project! We could all do one monochromatic color scheme in container or garden and learn from each other!

I am thrilled to be going to Austin and look forward to meeting all. Shall I bring some wine? LOL I am also a wine lover! Maybe champagne!

EAL said...

I bet they have wine and champagne in Austin, Layanee, but don't you fear, I will be laying in a supply at the little cottage I am renting and you are invited to an after-dinner hang there!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That's what I like about container gardening with annuals - it allows for lots of color & texture experimentation. And then there's the fun of combining monochromatic pots with other monochromatic pots. The fun just never ends.:)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have pulled together a mono grouping of plants just to throw it all off with a spalsh of contrasting color. Those mono colors often make me feel empty. Like something is missing. Hmmmm

Pam/Digging said...

By all means, more red or orange in the garden. I like it hot! (Though not in weather.)

Never fear, we will have wine in Austin at the Spring Fling. Texas martinis as well. It sounds like Elizabeth's cottage will be the late-night spot to be.

Frances said...

The gardeners at Faire Garden like their wine red, please! But in the garden, let's go for more orange, an underused color, except in Tennessee during football season. They sell orange everything here you can imagine.

EAL said...

Yes, I think we should all do some monochromatic schemes and compare notes.That wouild be fun. It would have to be containers for me.

I want to do yellow. And maybe white.

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