Friday, July 25, 2008

Creeping catastrophe, Batman!

Even if thousands of people were NOT going to be looking at my garden this weekend (but they are, they are, they are!), this would bother me. I’ve sort of noticed it, but yesterday I took a good hard look at the groundcovers surrounding the pond, and many are almost completely eaten. The creeping jenny in particular is pretty much down to stem.

I had seen damage, had sprinkled some slug repellent, had cut it back (usually that works with the lamium) but nothing seems to have helped. Well, it’s unacceptable. So I enabled myself to go to the nursery and buy an assorted mix of more plants than I will need, including some ajuga, a new bigger-leafed type that spreads wonderfully; some St. John’s Wort (I guess, I had never seen this chartreuse type before); and a couple other things, including some new jenny. Because I can’t stand looking at it. These plants will fill in nicely. They will look like a new planting, but that will work around the pond. There is some established campanula and dicentra that will give it backbone. Not to mention the lilium, shrubs, and vines.

I also bought an orchid for one of the guest rooms, to add to the other 3, so Michele or Susan will think I have amazing success with orchids. Ha.

(Sorry for this image—it’s too blue. I took it while I was driving, with the flash off.)


Carol said...

I'm sure your garden will look amazing for the tour. Have a great day!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Looks lovely, and I'm sure that these plants will all settle in nicely around the pond just in time. Have fun tomorrow, Elizabeth!

(And when you come back, tell me more about that St. John's Wort. I have a shrubby one that is supposed to be that color but isn't, and I have never seen a groundcover one that's chartreuse before.)

dlyn said...

Next year, I want to plan a trip to Buffalo for the Garden Walk. Hope it's going wonderfully well this weekend

EAL said...

Kim, apparently it IS a St. John's Wort (hypericum), a new type, Brigadoon. I found info on the Fine Gardening website.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Slugs, ugh. They are really getting busy around here now too. They can sure descimate a nice plant.

I am sure you would be forgiven for having a few slug holes in your garden. Just think of how human you would seem.