Saturday, July 26, 2008

Garden Walk shots

I woke up this morning to this. Apparently this is the ONLY weekend my neighbor could do it. Fortunately, most of my action is in the back, but it does rather impede things on the sidewalk.

Here are some nice young walkers, exiting the garden.

I'll keep adding to these as the day goes by. I'm too stupid to figure out how to plurk them--and this is easy.

Most people remark on the lilies. This year is a good year for them.

The flowers are taking a break.


Carol said...

What ARE they doing at the neighbor's house?

The lilies look great. Are they Stargazers? (Ha ha, I know they aren't!)

Rick said...

Yes, really, what is it that your neighbor needed to rent a basket snorkel for on the day of the garden walk? Did you not give them any cookies at Christmas?

cindee said...

What beautiful lillies! Sounds like you had a lotttttt of folks touring this weekend!

naohama said...

What is good about your blog is that it always showing me flowers and plants' names with pictures to help me compare them with our local names.
Thank you

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am lovin those lilies too. I can't believe the neighbor is having the work done during the walk. How rude. There always seems to be something or someone to throw a wrench into the works.