Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bits and pieces of October OK-ness

These are—mostly—the same images I’ve been posting on this blog for the past month or so. The only difference is that the plants are hanging in there as viably as they are. To be honest, I’m ready for the garden to go dormant at about this time. I am planning for the spring, figuring out what went wrong over the summer, and enjoying just lazing around during the warm fall days. And maybe dreading dealing with the leaves—just a bit.

The value of the pond is very evident at this time. I think of what the plot of perennials that were there formerly would look like at this time. Pretty boring. Instead, I still have the plants that border it (there are quite a few of them) and the wonderful noise it makes. It also doubles as a bird bath.

Otherwise, we have our usual hydrangeas: Annabelle turning whiter, Alpenglow turning browner; Limelight turning pinker—and so on. A David Austin rose, Charlotte, has a couple blooms, and Mme. Julia Correvon clematis has some too. The potted annuals are still going strong. It will be colder by this weekend and I hope to be able to empty those pots and fill them with bulbs. But as you can see, they’re still healthy looking.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks wonderful this year EAL. You have obviously worked hard at some point to generate this vision. Good job, now relax. Have a glass of wine. Release a big sigh of contentment.

EAL said...

Thanks, Lisa! You have been generous in your compliments and it is very encouraging,

Sylvia (England) said...

EAL, your pond looks lovely. It is always a quandary when to take out the summer bedding - it is a shame to take it out while there is still some colour but winter bulbs need to go in. I use pansies which are better if they start to flower before the weather gets cold and the days short. I now have two sets of pots and tubs and my back garden looks overcrowded and colourful at the moment!

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

Frances said...

Hi EAL, your pond is a delight. Will those large leaved plants winter over there? Your garden does still look quite lovely and so glad you are enjoying warm days too. Pulling the summer annuals is hard for us too, we have pansies and violas at the ready but the coleus still look so darn good it seems a shame to pull them.
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EAL said...

Hi Frances,

Those are alocasia--don't they look stunning!! Almost plastic-looking. But they are not hardy and I have to overwinter. I think they need to be kept going as houseplants, not saved as tubers, and I don't have much room.

Cindy, MCOK said...

EAL, I've noticed that my pond draws quite a few birds ... I'm hoping it will attract something more than house sparrows over the winter!

That rose is simply stunning. I do love David Austins. I think it's time for another one in my garden!

Kathy said...

The one David Austin rose I have (William Shakespeare 2000) has such heavy blooms they droop. The stems can't hold them up. The pond view was very attractive.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

You don't have any lawn to rake, is your leaf pickup aversion due to skimming them off the pond or hand raking them out of the beds? The things that are still blooming look good, and the pond is wonderful. My 'Mdme Julia Correvon' Clematis revived after the August mini-drought & looks like it would bloom again if we didn't get a frost in November. Fat chance!

Layanee said...

EAL; I am with you on dormancy! It is time! I am actually writing a little post on reflections of the past season which you mirrored with these Bloom Day thoughts. I am going to start with all the successful things about this past year's garden rather than the disasters. It is easy to get overwhelmed if it is the other way around!

EAL said...

MMG, I have a bunch of maple trees in front and an all-ground cover front yard; it is a nightmare to rake. And they take forever to fall.

Anna said...

Me too! I ended the season a bit early. I am just plain wore out from moving to a new home and starting over.

Your pond is so peaceful and lush. Last time I was at your blog I noticed all the plants and how nicely they are arranged. I wish you lots of quiet and relaxing moments this winter.

Carol said...

I want a pond! Yours looks very inviting and tranquil. No wonder the birds come by to drink and bathe in it.

(I know what you mean about wanting the season to end... the sooner it ends the sooner we can get through winter and start our "where is spring" song!)

Thanks for joining in again!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Annie in Austin said...

'Charlotte' is so pretty you might miss her once the garden shuts down, and it might be sad to see 'Mme. Julia Correvon' freeze back, but I sort of envy you, EAL. I vaguely remember the feeling of release that came once the garden went dormant and I could happily ignore it and become immersed in other kinds of projects.

My Austin garden slows down but will need attention all winter, so my other projects get fragmented attention here.

I love your pond.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose