Tuesday, June 28, 2005

First lilies

Lilies are my thing. The first time I went on Garden Walk, I noticed them in many of the gardens. They were usually Casa Blanca or Stargazers. Oriental lilies are so extravagant in both scent and appearance they seem too exotic to survive in a cold climate—and in fact I have been asked if mine live through the winter every year during the Walk.

Over the years, I’ve collected many of the species types—smaller, not so extravagant, but interesting. Here are the first of the summer, Lilium Regale:

And Lilium Martagon:


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous lillies! I am an English gardener, and for us, it's rosesrosesroses with an occasional ivy thrown in. What a pleasure to see beauty from across the pond! Keep up the good work!

Nicole said...

The lilies are lovely!!! Columbine is my *thing* - but lilies are a close second. Keep up the great work!

EAL said...

Thanks, Nicole. I like Columbine too, though feel sad when the blooms fade so early in the summer and the leafminers take over. More lilypix to come!

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