Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Weeds are plants too

A kind visitor to this site commented on the lack of weeds in my garden—as I’ve presented it here, anyway. Well, I’ve got plenty of them—mostly on the outskirts of the property (I plant things so tightly, there’s not much room in the main garden areas). Of course a weed is only a weed if you think it is. Some I tolerate, as in this ivy-, creeper-, and god-knows-what-choked space between some rambler roses and daylilies (not shown).

Others are not really considered weeds, but grow like weeds, as in this rampant self-seeder that turns up whenever you plant lamium hybrids (don't be deceived by the nice pink flowers).

Then, there’s this unabashed weed jungle, which has its own charm (actually this is behind the neighbor’s house).

Or how about this extremely unattractive corner behind my house (what is it with all this ivy!):

But for hardcore ugliness, you can’t beat this look.

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