Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The ultimate garden accessory

You really cannot do without one of these. Let’s say, like most gardeners, you’d much rather devote all your time to planting, tending to the plants, buying new plants you may or may not have room for—just kidding, of course there’s room!—and admiring the effect of all you’ve done. However, there’s unfortunately so much more to gardening than plants. Unless standing with a hose for hours is your idea of aerobic exercise, there needs to be an intelligent and easily-managed irrigation system in place. Then, there are all those flagstones, rocks, and timbers that are used to surround the plants (ever try lifting a nice big flagstone?). And don’t forget garden lighting, a very delicate and technically complicated matter.

What to do? Find yourself a live-in garden hardscaping and technical maintenance expert.


Anonymous said...

I would like to say that your "live-in expert" seems a very placid individual, indeed!

If it were a photo of me, I would be beating my fists against the stone walls and screaming "Why me?"

You have found yourself a well-behaved little automaton--I hope you are taking good care of him!


A fellow Allentown gardener

PS Do you rent him out?

M Licata said...

Shouldn't there be an alcoholic beverage of some kind by his side? It must be a fake...

Mark Criden said...

He isn't gardening; he's in lotus posture. I often fake it like this.