Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It will not be ignored

You have to watch your garden. At least twice a day it requires attention, scrutiny, admiration, diagnosis and—always—remedial action. When I return to the garden after a few days of absence or abstraction, I always find something that almost seems like revenge for my negligence. Spitefully, a budding rose shoot has covered itself with aphids, or mildew is spreading on its leaves. Stuff is toppling over and some new slug damage has appeared. Things have developed that seem like they could have been irradicated if only I'd been paying attention. Even on the positive side, I often seem to just miss the peak of a blooming cycle. In a garden, just a few hours can make a big difference.

I wanted to post some rose images here, but they looked spindly and blobby. Instead, here's some hardy geranium (aka cranesbill),

some ferns and hosta,

and some other late spring perens plus one.


ea said...


Great site!! It looks like you have a green thumb!

Anonymous said...

Wow! There's lots of interesting and useful information on this site. Thank you!

KT said...

Nice site. I am bombarded again this year with the dreaded "purple flower" weeds (loosestrife) that are the most obnoxious and invasive plant life I have ever seen. CONSTANT pulling of these buggers especially after it rains is a must for the survival of any flowers. It looks like your garden is doing great! Congrats.

EAL said...

I'll post some weed pix next time. I probably have more than you!