Sunday, September 11, 2005

The magnificence —and the humiliation

Gardeners generally don’t look forward to the mid-September border. You’ve got your grasses, your rudbeckia, a few other perennials, and, of course, annuals, always annuals.

Average gardeners, that is. But if you happen to be the gardeners at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, you’re all ready for September. You have planted lush, colorful borders full of canna, cleome, elephant ear, amaranth, butterfly bush, tall verbena, and many other annuals and perennials that keep their color well into fall. Including rudbeckia and grasses (gloriously tall and lush). I’m not sure what everything is that they’ve got going down there in South Buffalo, but they have definitely got it going. I was particularly impressed by the tapestry of, I think alyssum, and a foliage plant at the beginning of the front border. (Gardeners, don’t try this at home.)

Everything was gorgeous, including this from the side garden.

And this example of Verbena Bonariensis, which I loved in my own garden this year.

Check it out—as an added attraction, their orchid show and sale is this weekend, September 17-18, during normal hours.

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