Friday, September 02, 2005

A watering Nazi? Moi?

While people suffer horribly from an excess of water on the Gulf Coast, we in WNY have spent most of the summer either hand-watering or using specially-installed automated systems to keep our lawns green (I suppose—not a lawn person AT ALL) and our gardens growing.

It was confirmed in the Buffalo News today, which had an end-of-season roundup. Most said that IF they kept up the water, all went well. I do admit to paranoia in this area. I don’t trust surface moistness; I always wonder if the water has flowed all the way to the roots. And I figure that if I SEE a drooping leaf, that means I’m three days too late.

So today I was accused of being a watering Nazi—after what was perceived by my gardening partner as a superfluous request for watering. With pots, I figure you can’t water too much. With soil, yeah. I suppose it can be overdone, though we are still in a drought.

What I always keep in mind is that we have these plants in extremely artificial situations. They are not in their native habitats and we can’t expect them to adjust to circumstances we have imposed.

So the obsessive watering will continue—through September anyway.

Here’s a well-watered plant.

And a link, to help those trying to survive the deluge. I have chosen The Salvation Army, because I believe they have very little overhead. Salvation Army Crisis Website


Karen said...

Uh oh, you said the W word. We have been under a strict, city-imposed watering ban all summer. We are allowed to use the sprinkler once a week on a designated day. Anyway, that's why we have three rainbarrels, very little lawn (getting smaller all the time), and a lot of drought-tolerant plants. Oh yeah, and mulch. We have lots of mulch. It helps keep the soil from drying out so fast. The surface will dry, but down by the roots the soil is still nice and moist. (Sort of the flipside of your not trusting surface moistness as an indicator when you are watering.)

EAL said...

Mulch is all very well, and I do use it. But if you have extensive tree roots and a lot of containers, mulch will not help you.

No watering ban here, thank god.

Karen said...

No, I guess mulch wouldn't help much on tree roots. My mom uses it in her containers though, so I tried it myself. It seems to help a bit. I wouldn't say the results are dramatic, though.