Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My latest obsession

Yeah, yeah, the posting has fallen off just a bit. But when posting is not as frequently prompted by active gardening, that will happen. Not that I don’t have plenty of garden-related matter to take up—I just have to figure out how to shift into distanced discussion mode. I have some ideas.

In the meantime, here is something really trivial and barely deserving of anybody’s attention that I am involved in at the moment. Any day now, boxes of hyacinth and other bulbs will be arriving at my house: bags and bags of earthy-smelling, papery-skinned, oniony-looking things. It will quickly be my task to get them into pots of dirt pronto.(More on that later.) I also have a bunch of glass hyacinth vases or glasses, as they were originally called. The bulbs balance on the top of the vase, which is filled with water. The roots grow into the water, and, after a cooling period, the bulb sprouts and blooms. Or not.

I don’t have the real choice antique hyacinth vases, and for a couple years now I have been trying to buy them via ebay. I’m usually too cheap to pay enough. Maybe this year will be the year. They come in two types: a squat, wide-bottomed, rustic type, or a taller, more elegant type with a flattened top. Neither of these are the best but they show the basic shapes. Cobalt blue is always the most desired color.

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