Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Dutch tulip vendors let me down

Little did I know when I was opening my mail after work today that inside an innocent-looking envelope from John Scheepers (shipping confirmation I’m figuring) would be the horrifying news that due to a CROP FAILURE they will not be able to send me my 10 Tulipa acuminata.

“We are quite sorry to disappoint you. Normally, we try to suggest alternate recommendations, but Tulipa acuminata is a unique, special variety and there is really nothing quite like it.”

Yeah. I know. That’s why I ordered it. And of course, as I knew they would be, Brent & Becky’s is out of it already. So, I went to the Old Houses Gardens site, knowing that, due to their incredibly high prices, they would probably still have plenty of bulbs to sell. I only bought 5 and I’m way too mortified to reveal (I mean, people are starving and homeless) what I paid for those 5 tulips. Rare though they may be.

So, if you go by the images on the sites, instead of this:

I’m getting this:

I will be donating the exact amount I spent on this ridiculous purchase to Salvation Army Crisis Website.


Karen said...

Well, in my book that's still good customer service, letting you know in good time that they can't fill your order. Some other companies would just ship some inferior substitute. I hope you got your money back to put towards the new bulbs.

EAL said...

Oh, yeah--though at Old House, they cost double that. Still, I was happy to be able to get them. I promise to post all my results, including failures, in the spring.