Friday, August 04, 2006

Full disclosure

Before I continue with the taxonomy, it might be best to admit to what’s been allowed to creep into my space. After all, none of us are immune. The power of the garden object is strong.

Art (fine):
I wonder if I should count the mural on the (unused) garage door—the door is there whether it’s painted or not. Then there is a largish sculpture partially shown below. It could also count under Functional in that the heads can be rung, but only if you push on them. There is an abstracted flower sculpture that is rusting away nicely between the hostas and the ferns, and a traditional cast bronze nude is documented in the Flickr shots.

Art (craft):
There’s much more of this than there should be. A rusty abstracted squirrel is hiding out somewhere. (Hey—I haven’t seen it in a while.) There’s a kind of steel Zen thing on a steel stick that’s pretty unobtrusive—this could also go under Religious. A neighbor gave me a flat twisted wire figure that he brought from Atlanta, and then I have two distressed stylized buffaloes (above) that people seem to like. Most of these would also have to be cross-referenced under Animal.

Unless you count trellises and fountains, that’s it. Now I do have a courtyard space with large paved areas, so stuff like this is less obtrusive than one might suppose. Though people can get kind of freaked by the body/heads sculpture. I hear many witty comments about it during GW.


LostRoses said...

Well I'm certainly glad we have "full disclosure," I don't feel quite so low-rent now! Honestly, I love quirky stuff in the garden and when I'm on garden tours I'm always eager to see what everyone else has too. I mean a plant is a plant, but show me your accessories! Um....a neighbor has a suit of armor presiding over her xericscape front yard.

Catherine said...

Somehow, I KNEW you were hiding a secret sculpture or two. :o)

jennimi said...

Ooh... Grasshopper (jennimi) did not know this indulgence was permissible! I currently have but a handpainted rock that says "Librarians Rock" (a gift from a friend) and a wire stake I fashioned a month ago (from a wire hanger) to showcase a mysterious purple viney trumpety flower. Now I know I can continue down this path in good company.

What a good blog. I've subscribed, and may look to you for identification, as I am a newbie, who got thrust into this world with lots of plants, and no labels. :)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

If you lived anywhere else on the East Coast except Buffalo... well, I'd be raising my eyebrows at the buffaloes! They are really cool, though, and I like their rough abstracted shape.

Care to share any of those witty comments about the heads and bodies? :)

EAL said...

The word witty is used very loosely.

"Where's the rest?"
"Whose body parts?"
"I like your body parts!"

But sometimes, just appalled silence. Or they ask if I made it. (In my foundry, I suppose.) Or they ask where I bought the "chimes." Now, that would be a bizarre chochky store.

lisa said...

What-no gnomes? No wooden children on swings hanging in your trees? No pink flamingos? That's okay...I have a sort-of aversion to kitsch as well : )