Sunday, August 06, 2006

The last great splurge of 2006

I wasn’t drunk when I bought all this stuff, but the lack of judgment and restraint these purchases demonstrate might lead one to suppose intoxication. Still, how could I resist?

At a time of year when most nurseries are sad, empty places, once more the domain of houseplants and chochkies (no talk of those today!), this place out in West Seneca was bursting with color. Mostly common annuals, to be sure, but there was also a nice selection of perennials and some very reasonable mixed containers. I bought a magnificent one (above), mainly foliage, that I hope will provide some interest through September, as well as some verbena, sunflowers, galliarda, and butterfly bush. Oh yeah, and two big hanging plants. I’m not sorry, though; the garden looks refreshed, and I won’t feel quite as depressed as the season draws to a close.

I must have thanked the proprietor for having plants a dozen times.


trey said...

I am glad that you took the time to thank the owner for having the plants you needed, when you needed them. It’s not always easy to have the money tied up in plants this time of year, when it’s so slow. That’s why so many nurseries look empty during late summer.

We feel that it is important to have flowers and plants that look good all year in our center. If they don’t look good, pull them off the shelves and get rid of them! What kind of message are you sending when you have distressed plants in your garden center?

We had an unusual request for plants at our nursery the other day. See an example of color available here at our nursery in late summer, over at my blog. I am sure the quality is why they bought them!

Carol said...

I can see why you had to buy this container. It is a beauty! I never even imagined that you might have to be intoxicated to buy it, even in the heat of the summer. Makes perfect sense.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

I`m a fairy new garden nut and just really starting to pay attention to a back garden dream. I was at a garden centre the other day that had gorgeous huge blooms. Most of mine are still babies sadly. I don`t want summmer to end yet.
I`m enjoying your blog :)


lisa said...

Isn't it fun to find pretty plants this time of year? Almost like treasure hunting...especially when it's not a "rescue" of some sad, neglected botanical victim from a discount store, at the mercy of bored teenagers. (I always buy a couple of those and play "Dr. Frankenstein", just to see if I can resurrect them.) But the beauts' you got...nice!