Thursday, August 24, 2006

Zinnias, part II

Clearly, there are many zinnia enthusiasts out there.

First of all, thanks Tim, for your very thorough and enlightening advice on growing zinnias. I’ll give it a try, but my chances of starting seeds indoors with even a modicum of success are slim to none. I do, however, know a master seedsman who may be able to help me (i.e., start them for me in his own greenhouse set-up and do all the work). We’ll see.

Second of all, there was a question about the Georgian Bay location of the colorful varieties you see in the image above. All I can tell you is that it is in Parry Sound in the Sans Souci township and the flowers are grown by René’s wife. I don’t think she sells them. René ferried us to the island and I believe he own the marina/LCBO/grocery/filling station of which I spoke. It is my friend’s island that we visited; this is why I am so sketchy on details. I was in it for the canoeing and the negronis. Oh, and the margaritas. And the wine.

To a certain degree, the oasis of color we discovered did make a pleasant change from the normal flora of this section of Georgian Bay. Basically, you’re talking fir trees, wild ferns, sumac, and poison ivy. However, we did see, in calmer inlets, some beautiful water lilies, and, growing along the shore in profusion, gorgeous bright red wild lobelia. There were other wildflowers I could not identify (this not being my area of expertise) and I am sure in other seasons there are different varieties to be seen. I have heard that as you go further out into the bay, it becomes more and more rocky, with less and less greenery. Although the rock strata here are beautiful for their own sakes.

The cottagers of Georgian Bay had a lot of very artful container (also above) and window box action going, which we enjoyed as we paddled around snooping, I mean, absorbing the scenery.

Thanks, fellow zinnia enthusiast and friend Cheryl Jackson, for the photos.


LostRoses said...

The thing about zinnias is, you do get a lot of bang for your buck! I always forget to plant them until it's too late and I can't find any sunny spot left to put them. Great photos, and sounds like you had fun snooping around Georgian Bay, oops, I mean enjoying the scenery.

lisa said...

LOVE that planter! That's my kind of "snooping"-who cares about gossip-I wanna know who's planting what!