Friday, November 24, 2006

Madness and mayhem

When I heard there was a full line-up of book signings for the Garden Walk book, I was pleased. When I realized that the first signing would take place at the Galleria Mall the day after Thanksgiving? Not so much.

This was at Waldenbooks; over the next two weeks we will be doing signings at Barnes and Nobles, Borders, and some local outlets. I think most of the shoppers were a bit too crazed to pause for a signing today, but we did a few. I also don't know that it's a book that people really need signed, exactly—and my handwriting is so grotesque. Too bad I can't do calligraphy like my friend Cheryl (who did the DVD). (The ability to write legibly would probably suffice.)

The place was thronged, of course, and the usual ugliness was going on over parking spots. Oh, yes, and there's construction too. But they do run some pretty good promotions, I got an illustrated boxed set of Chronicles of Narnia for free with a purchase from the book store. Now I have to find a kid who doesn't have it.


Kasmira said...

My copy came in the mail and it's great! I haven't watched the DVD yet. I'm saving that for a gray day indoors.

EAL said...

Oh, good! Thanks!