Thursday, November 02, 2006

Viewing the Garden Walk DVD while intoxicated

Nobody’s asking, but nonetheless I’m here to report that our first glimpse of the Garden Walk Buffalo publication was a great success. Sure, there are some minor glitches (Jim, I found the typo and a couple other very small ouches in the text), but overall it looks great. The photography is very nearly perfect, and I think the choices show off neighborhoods, architecture, and Olmsted as well as gardens.

So, anyway, we started out with champagne then kind of devolved into whatever bottles were open or could be opened. The most enjoyable part of the evening for me was the DVD, which I had not seen in its final form. They lucked into some gypsy-jazz musicians playing in a restaurant patio during the Walk and were able to use this for the DVD soundtrack. And there are so many cool quotes. I wish I had an excerpt I could show here—hopefully, soon.

The interviews have a great casual feel—my friend Deb chatting to the interviewer in her doorway, kid noises from within; me, face hidden by huge shades, mumbling about god-knows-what; Tom, lounging by his pool, pronouncing that, without soil amendment, “it’s not gonna happen, people!” They used the music and the moving feet of the walkers very effectively as transitions.

Well, you’d have to be there. Maybe I can grab some stills.


West Village Renaissance Group said...

Most impressive - even with my swollen old mug - sorry - Love the foot transition - goes right along with the GardenWalk logo ("K" is feet for those not familiar with it).

Loved the music, spotted a typo re: my address in the book - but - no biggie! We were in there, a couple of times, and thank you all for the opportunity.

I was actually thinking of not being in next year due to my rheuatoid arthritis - WELL - looks like I'm going to have to hire some help for the heavy mulch bags - cuz after seeing this (book and DVD) I'm already changing a few things (especially since the privet hedge really was damaged a few weeks ago).

Thanks ever so much for allowing us to participate!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that Myself and a fellow musician are the band(Ginger Lovers/Casperous Vine) heard on that Garden walk DVD. Although I am great full that they chose my music, We were not compensated or given any credit. When I tried to reach any one involved in the project, I was treated without respect and as if my concerns were not important. When I was approached about this DVD I was completely mislead about intent and the scale of the project.