Sunday, November 26, 2006

Plants like martinis, too. Are we really surprised?

Given the title of my blog, I must take special note of this post on Garden Design Online. Amazing! Replacing the water in a container of paperwhites with a 7-1 water-gin solution (once the roots have begun to grow) will stunt their growth enough to keep them from getting too floppy and top heavy. Learn more at the original post; I won't repeat the whole thing, but it's backed up by a Cornell study.

I have a couple caveats. One of the reasons I mail order special cultivars from Brent and Becky's (who are the GDO favorites as well) is that I actually like the height of tall paperwhites, and use deep glass containers to supply the support they need. Nonetheless, I think I'm going to try this with one of my current crop of paperwhite starts.

My other caveat is that I must seriously demur with GDO about it not being the season for G&Ts. It's ALWAYS G&T season. In fact, I was just enjoying a few Tanqueray and tonics at a party last night. Martinis are trendier, but you can drink more G&Ts, and you get the benefits of the quinine.


lisa said...

I'm with you-G&T's are for anytime! In fact, I don't keep the cheap stuff in the house, so the paperwhites would have to BYOB!

cityfarmer said...

Well ok, if I had a neighbor like that I guess I would hold off on decorating too...

makes for a good blog story, though