Monday, November 20, 2006

Trees—they're on it

Amidst all my lamenting about the losses to Western New York’s urban and suburban tree canopy, I neglected to mention that there are many groups and individuals very active here in the reforesting effort. A Re-Tree WNY group is joining the existing Olmsted Conservancy and Green Fund efforts to advocate for the replacement of thousands of lost trees.

A Re-Tree Now Sprouting article in today’s Buffalo News details some imaginative initiatives, including one that asks local artists to create sculptures from large felled trunks that could then be auctioned off for the cause.

Here are some excerpts:

Pizza Plant in Amherst has offered to pick a menu item that, when ordered, would generate a donation to the reforestation effort, and a local confectionery is interested in designing and selling tree-shaped cookies that would benefit the cause.

And Therese Forton-Barnes' plan to turn felled trees and stumps into art that would benefit the cause is also taking shape.

Forton-Barnes said she has secured 35 to 40 large tree trunks for the project, which would mimic the "Herd About Buffalo" campaign of several years ago.

She said there is another component as well. Inspired by a similar effort that followed a storm in Truro, Nova Scotia, Forton-Barnes said she would like to save some of the stumps of the larger trees so that artists can carve them into the faces of local historical figures.

"We'd like to be able to start that next week," she said, adding that Frederick Law Olmsted would be an obvious choice as a subject for one of the wood statues.

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