Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trying to stay excited

All seems in a strange state of limbo these days, though not literally. Every morning when I leave the house I see considerable progress among the lilies, hostas, other perennials, and, of course, the spring bulbs. Even the pond is on.

But—unlike many other gardeners whose blogs I read—I can’t spend too much time outside fussing with the plants. I have a job. I did manage to start fertilizing the roses last weekend, and attended to more clean-up. But mostly I’m saying hello/goodbye to the plants as I come in and out from work, and if it’s cold, as it has been, then I seldom linger.

However, I am trying to pay attention to the species tulips as they appear. Sadly, they don’t stay in bloom for long, but that’s ok, as neither does their foliage. I acceot them as short-blooming ephemerals. My favorite are the gray/purple/yellow humulis (above). The clusianas have been coming in.

The tardas came and went.

And I look forward to the freakish acuminatas.


Layanee said...

Eliz: I feel your pain and have experienced the same this week off and running with just time to make the rounds with camera,coffee and Tucker. He needs a walk in the morning so it is a good excuse.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Elizabeth, I hate that you don't seem to have much time for your garden. Hang in there. The good thing is that it will be there for you.

Sheila said...

For many years I worked long hours and the only time I spent in the garden was after dinner during the summer or weekends, so I understand your frustration. The one thing I did was to make sure to put my most energy into the areas that I saw first thing when I came home so I was greeted with beauty every evening. Good luck and keep your spirits up!

EAL said...

Oh dear, hope I don't sound too whiny!

Wine-y good. Whiny bad.

Sue Swift said...

Wine-y good Whiny bad.
Wonderful! That's going to be my philosophy of life from now on!

Anonymous said...



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