Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Warning: of relevance to local readers only!!

If I have any. I can't access the big fat Garden Walk email list (Jim/Art of gardening is the czar of that and he is out of town), so I am doing what I can here to alert local gardeners to these cool workshops. I think anything Sally Cunningham, who has organized these, finds worthwhile is probably worthwhile for you too (again, if you're local). They are at Lockwoods. Here goes (their descriptions, not mine):

April 19, Saturday:
Ken Brown, Exotic Conifers—landscape plants you can grow. This popular radio gardening expert (WBEN, 930am, on Saturday mornings at 11:00AM ) and Christmas tree grower can answer any gardening questions. The talk features lesser known evergreens, both dwarf and full-size, some for sale. ( 1:00PM )
Deanne Cunningham, wildlife photographer—Attracting and caring for birds in the backyard. This professional photographer and former teacher has accumulated amazing bird pictures and will share her passion for wonderful birds from turkeys to orioles. Bird-friendly berrying shrubs will also be shown. ( 10:15AM )
Ran Lydell—the Oriental Garden. This talk was presented for the Hosta Society last month and received rave reviews, so we booked it for you. Ran is an erudite, witty, and delightful speaker and has photographed various Asian style gardens, including Japanese maples, hostas, and many other plants. Ran Lydell is owner of Cooks Nursery, Eagle Bay Hostas, and is a national expert on hostas and unusual conifers. ( 2:15PM )
Call 649-4684 to reserve spaces, or check the website, above. Each talk is by separate admission, $10, with a Lockwood shopping coupon and informational handouts included for each.

April 26 (10:00am to 2:30pm)
Celebrate Earth Day—Organic Gardening Day::
This is a one-day symposium on organic gardening, including these topics that will help you in the flower or vegetable garden and the home landscape.
Topics include Improving your Soil, Composting, Organic Products (Pete Bottomley, Bradfield Organics), Great Garden Companions & Beneficial Insects (Sally Cunningham), and Beneficials in the Greenhouse (Tim Baer).
The full day is $25 including lunch! Half day is only $12, by reservation.

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