Sunday, July 31, 2005

3,000 peeps (by a conservative estimate)

They were literally lined up around the block on my street this weekend. According to two of my neighbors—one counts by giving out candy and the other with a clicker—there were about 1500 each day on our block. It’s interesting because your backyard becomes a public space. Friends would run into each other and just hang, exchanging gossip. My favorite part is discussing plant culture, but I've noticed many of the husbands are more interested in the architecture. One man explained why how one of our doors—the one I was sitting in front of—had actually been a window. I looked at it and I saw he was right. Six years in the house and I had never seen that. Nice people.

Most frequently heard:
“A lot of work.”
“Do you bring this in?”
“What’s this purple and green plant?” (see post below)
“There’s more!”


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed your garden. I also was interested in the fountain figure in your advertisment for your garden blog. Could you tell me where I could purchase it? Is it old or a reproduction?


EAL said...

It came from my mother in law and I believe it is fairly old. For stuff like that, I advise antique shops or maybe Gothan City on Niagara.