Sunday, July 24, 2005

And, begins

Two pre-mixed containers of annuals, one full-grown Shasta daisy, a ratty-leafed canna about to bloom, and a huge pot of Tom Pouce lilies with about twenty-five buds. And that’s only the beginning of the week-of-Gardenwalk last-minute insane purchases. I can see myself going back—there was some delphinium action at the Home Cheapo near Menne’s. Menne’s, by the way, is just about exhausted, though we may be back there for another crate of hostas (that’s a whole different story).

At least the lilies and the daisies will be around next year. I’m not the only one—a friend of mine bought full-grown sunflower plants. Things are desperate when you have to pay four bucks each for those. We’re just a bit concerned that there won’t any color in our gardens when thousands of people come traipsing though them. But it’s so sad going to the nurseries at this time of year. All the beginning-of-season freshness is gone and a lot of the plants are quite droopy. Depressingly, the Elmwood Cheapo already had mums. Mums!

Here’s one of my shameless purchases.

Now, these (almost all open) are called “Scheherezade” by one mail order place and “Touching” by another. Five bucks each at one and five for nine bucks at another. Hmmm.

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