Friday, July 29, 2005

Martialing the forces

On the eve of Garden Walk, it is now clear who my stalwart warriors will be in this two-day battle against late summer decline and walker ennui. What you have to remember is that most of the people setting off on this walk—garden lovers though they may be—are also horrified by the sheer magnitude of 200+ gardens. Whatever they see, they’re always wondering: is there another property, somewhere else—better than this one—but we’re not going to have time to see it?

So you’ve got to offer something of substance, something distinctive, something that will satiate the hunger for novelty. And so, I call forth:

The sure-fire unique garden sculpture. No one else has one of these. (Most probably wouldn’t want to have one.)

The last remaining lilies with that great thick, sultry lily smell.

The big beautiful tree in the impossibly small space.

And the cool containers with the weird plants.


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