Sunday, July 17, 2005

The first of the last-minute freakouts

I know that Friday’s and today’s trips to local nurseries won’t be the last I make before Garden Walk weekend. Not that the ever-more-savvy Garden Walkers are likely to be impressed by pre-mixed containers of annuals, tucked in wherever there’s a gap. At least I avoided (so far) the ultra-expensive full-grown canna and dahlia purchases. Though I’ll sink to that before I’m done.

I am freaked out because:
•Thanks to the lateness of this year’s Walk and the hot weather, many or even most of my lilies will be well and thoroughly bloomed out.
•I have no compensating pond with freakishly large koi.
•The pink hydrangea did not put out this year, making all of last year’s boastful explanations of how I protect it through the winter embarrassing at best.
•The front looks barely acceptable but not nearly as cool as the front gardens of those who do not have all-day shade and tree roots.
•I don’t have a pond.
•I don't have a pond!

Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god...Maybe Menne’s has some huge bright orange canna.

Here’s some more of the lilies people won’t see on the Walk.

That was the Henry i. This is the White Henry i, which was not done justice to in the last post.


KT said...

I can commiserate over the lillies. My (help me out here) Vanilla Blossoms or is it Orange Vanillas or some really sweet sounding name bloomed for ONE DAY and then died. Gorgeous and fragrant as they are, I am so disappointed. Do you know the ones I am talking about? Pale orange in color with a light sweet aroma to die for? I got them at Earsings a couple of years back and cannot remember the name. I would not worry though, a true lilly lover will understand.

EAL said...

Gee, I've never heard if that one. Most in the true lily species should remain in bloom at least a week. They sound cool though--sure they are not daylilies?