Thursday, July 28, 2005

Two days and counting...and too tired to freak out

Yesterday, I actually stood in front of the lily/rose bed and willed buds not to open yet. Sadly, my husband seemed to think what I was doing made sense. Of course, he’s been feverishly completing a brick pathway in what we refer to the “back side garden.” (For a small space, we have way too many garden areas utterly distinct from each other and each needing their own special treatment.) Today I threw bags of mulch on the easeway—most gardeners refer to this as the “hellstrip”—in an attempt to smother all the remaining weeds. Then I planted five hostas and sprayed some more Malathion. Yeah!

Oh, almost forgot, another $25 plant purchase, this time for a big fuschia that might make it through mid-September. Could be worse.

Here’s a scene from a more tranquil time. Look closely and you will see the butterfly Natureman is trying to coax onto his finger.

Garden Walk

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