Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Garden-worthy architecture

J&J's cottage, during GW 2004.

Today, once again, unwatered pots in my garden remained unwatered. Lily, gardenia, and jasmine fragrances wafted unnoticed. Japanese beetles had their way with the roses, and deadheads dreamed of becoming seedpods. In other words, I didn’t do shit in the garden, even though I’m expecting 2-3 thousand pairs of eyes and feet through the gate this weekend. Maybe more.

Those of you who have read my previous whining about this know that the reason I can’t spend time taking care of my own plantings is that I’m too busy asking other people about theirs. Which has its own rewards.

Today I spoke with John and Jeff, who have the perfect fairy tale cottage surrounded by the perfect cottage garden—it’s even been featured in a magazine, Country Gardens. They didn’t have too much to say about their gardening aesthetic, but their dogs are cute and their roses, delphinium, and clematis are lovely. Actually, this is what’s great about these neighborhoods; you can garden around a house that actually deserves a great garden around it, not some siding-infested suburban multi-level. Here, your house can make up for the shortcomings of your garden. I hope.

It was a pleasure to sit by this circa 1860 cottage, even though I know I will be gnashing my teeth come Saturday, over all that’s being left undone.

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