Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lilies and limoncello

This has been an odd year. At first, we all thought that the mild winter and spring would lead to premature maturation of everything. Then, the rains of early summer seemed to halt progress. Now, however, I must admit defeat, cut down my purple hosta blooms and snip off many a spent lily stalk as well. I’d be happy if I could stop time right at this moment. There are still a few unopened lily buds and many magnificent blooms. What appeals to me in flowers is quite like what appeals to me in wine and other aromatic drinks: intoxicating fragrance, best accompanied by cicada sounds and heat.

Right now I’m sitting, sipping, and trying to figure out what I’ll still have by the weekend. (Damn—if only I’d put in that pond!). It’s not that bad. The woodland tobacco (nicotiana sylvestris), unlike last year, has produced flowers as well as leaves, so that will be interesting. The verbena boniarensis has weaved itself around much more subtly than before (too subtle?), and the deep pink hydrangea (not these crappy indeterminate hybrids) did very well this year.

So we’ll see. It doesn’t totally suck—but four days can make quite a difference at this stage. Summer lasts through October now. Why can't the flowers?

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