Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You are all invited

I am inviting anyone who reads this blog to visit Garden Walk Buffalo, July 29-30. As I’ve stated in other posts, there are over 270 gardens on the walk, which covers about three square miles of Buffalo’s West Side. It’s an inspirational, visually spectacular testimony to the power and potential of urban gardening. Some of the spaces are quite tiny; others cover about half the space of the average suburban yard—but almost all use their spaces creatively, even artistically, if one can apply such a term. As most of the properties were built prior to 1900, it is an architectural tour as well.

Some highlights:

As if the 270 gardens were not enough, Western New York also offers an historic Botanical Gardens, a really cool waterfront test garden, and, of course, a park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. So if people aren’t really thinking of Buffalo as the garden of the Northeast, maybe they should. (At least at this time of year.)

So, c’mon down! Or up. Or over, as the case may be.

Update: I just noticed another post about the event here: Garden Design Online


Annie in Austin said...

This looks so wonderful, and where else could you have 270 gardens to visit? Unfortunately for me, traveling 1355 miles is just not happening that weekend. I love the idea of so many gardens in such close proximity - along with so many gardeners all living near each other... sort of a critical mass ready to explode ideas across the country.

firefly said...

Yes, it's too far for me to walk also (I'm in Portland, Maine), but thank you for posting the "appetizers" here. Beautiful gardens -- and they give me ideas for my own, for next year and the year after that and ...