Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lessons of GW06

Finally, a flower close-up (lilium henryi) by a pro, Mike Groll, who was visiting the gardens, pocket-size Leica in tow. Thanks, Mike!

Amidst the joy, gratification, sunburn, and exhaustion, I’m more convinced than ever that my property needs some major enhancements. I’m too dependent on plants. The compliments I get are almost all plant-related, and as much as I appreciate them, I’m realizing that I have to have features that are constant, that don’t depend on what’s bloom at any given time. Well, duh, you say, and you’re right.

The fact is, I’ve always been a plant person, not a design person. I barely understand what good garden design is. That changes this summer, when I get some bucks for this book. A pond won’t be the whole answer, but I believe that the look and sound of a small body of water will greatly enhance a certain spot. Then, in the spring, I’ll be reworking some of the beds to add diversity and a better texture mix.

Anyway, all that said. Plant of the weekend? Nicotiana sylvestris. There were still a lot of questions about the Persian shield, the lilium henryi (above), and the elephant ear, but almost all wanted to know about the plant with the tubular flowers and the huge leaves.

There’s a minor controversy about how nicotiana is pronounced.


Carol said...

I'm like you, more into plants than design! But I'm learning. Neat flowers, by the way!

Laurie said...

Unusual hosta varieties, gorgeous blooming lilium, lots of contrasting leaf shapes and colors, and what do people comment on? The pieces of rebar I paid less than $10 for, bent into spirals, and stuck in the ground.

Easy sculpture, but would someone notice the corkscrew rush that's not in water? How about the rhodo that I pushed a full zone? No? Sigh.

LostRoses said...

I've always pronounced it nih-koe-shee-ANNA, but Fine Gardening says its pronounced nih-koe-shee-AY-na. Either way, after years of sprinkling the seeds of my single Nicotiana Sylvestris around the flower beds to no avail, this summer I have at least 50 "babies." I may resort to placing them on people's front doorsteps like zucchini.

Barrie said...

I won't dare venture into the pronunciation of this plant, since I probably couldn't even spell it...but, I did want to highlight that Nicotiana Sylvestris is part of the tobacco family (thus, "Nicotiana"). The common name is "Flowering Tobacco".