Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Last acts of a desperate gardener

Yesterday, I put duct tape on a lily stalk.

I haven’t talked much so far about my own preparations for Garden Walk, but I think that statement should supply an inkling. It was a special lily, to be sure—Double Prize, an unusual hybrid with, as its name suggests, an inner circle of petals. The Lily Garden offers these freaks once in a while; owner and hybridizer Judith Freeman is a genius at creating unique hybrids that not only come up but are hardy and long-lasting. Nonetheless, even the toughest lily is no match for my inept manhandling; while trying to bend the stake so the lily would nod forward in a natural manner, I bent the stalk past its natural flexibility. Hence the duct tape.

Shall I tell more? Of the expensive jumbo houseplants—the only decent-looking things in garden centers now—I’m using for bare spots I forgot to plant? Of the six bags of black mulch I’m hoping Home Depot still has (there is always a run on this before Garden Walk)? Of the anxiety with which I count the unopened buds on each flower stalk, figuring out what, if anything, will be in bloom by next weekend?

No, I won’t be posting an image of the taped stalk. If you want to see Double Prize as it should be seen, visit Lily Garden.


lisa said...

Duct tape, huh? And I thought I was weird for using band-aids....nice to feel vindicated!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Ooh... good thinking! Just buy a little roll of that green florist tape to cover up the silvery duct tape and nobody will be the wiser. Unless of course they've read your blog before they visit. Maybe you should have waited until AFTER the garden tour to make this confession! :)

Carol said...

I would really like to see a picture!

Jenn said...

Oh, I would tape that too. That lily is CHOICE.